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Default TRB Org Rules

A. General Rules

1-Need before greed
2-Do not extort or exploit any org member
3-Treat all players (especially TRB members) with respect. This includes players of opposing faction
4-Reading our forum frequently is important
5-Only Members of TRB and those in 2 week applicant status may be in org chat
6-And finally, this is not a rule but it's just advice : If you ever have to choose between in-game and RL, choose RL. Remember it's still only a game!

B. Recruitment Rules

1- Members must be active, friendly, and self sufficient
2- Show some activity in our forum
3- You must apply and join with your main character(s). We prefer you to keep all your alts in TRB/Cimms, but will tolerate them elsewhere as long as your main and primary focus is TRB. If it becomes clear that someone is more committed to another org or group, we'll show them the door. Main characters must remain in TRB/Cimms (see H.) at all times.
4- Being promoted to full member requires 2 week application period, after which:
a- You may bring in all alts as well
b- You can borrow items from the org banks
5- No Omni toons allowed, unless they are purely RP.

C. Raids

1- There are raidleaders for a reason. Listen to them, and follow their orders. This is very important for the raid to be successful and for the raid to run as smoothly as possible. If you don't respect and listen to the raidleader, you might be prohibited from attending raids in the future. Depending how serious the offence, you may be demoted or kicked from the org.
2- The first loot rule and the most important one is to never loot anything before being told so. The first thing in your mind should be to back away from the corpse and let the raid leader see what dropped. Raidleader will loot all items which aren't nodrop, while nodrop items will be sorted out right away. Very common drops will be called FFA which means Free For All, or ABYL, meaning Ask Before You Loot. We do not have a raidpoint system, we simply follow the rule 'Need Before Greed'.
3- To be in the roll you have to be active in the raid and the raidbot and you have to be able to use the item in reasonable time compared to others during the roll.
4- Any TRB Applicant, Member, and invited guests (Guests are allowed at leaders' discretion) can loot in official TRB raids even if the toon looting is outside of TRB/Cimms
5- Exceptions to these rules can only be made by the raid leader, and will be stated before any raffles or loot rolls.
6- Because of the variety in members and conflicting daylight savings time. raid times will always be in GMT (RK-time). Click Here for Time Converter

D. Account sharing

1- A member of TRB may NOT allow his or her toons to be played by anyone outside TRB. YOU, as a member of TRB, have been through an applicant period. When that period was over, YOU were accepted into TRB. Not your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, dad or flatmate. We don't know who they are and they haven't applied to our org.
2- Members with officer rank may not share those accounts with members of lower rank.
3- A family member logging a toon for buffs or item swaps is acceptable but they may not actively play the toon, and the TRB member is ultimately responsible for any actions or conversations of their toons.
4- Violations in this rule will usually result in the immediate kick of the character in question until the matter can be resolved.

E. Epeen DamageDumping

1- Linking Damage Dumper info in guild chat is bad manners. If you use a damage dumper (like TinyDump etc), you are not allowed to post information about other peoples damage in org chat or in any other raidgroup or team chat. The information about axp/xp/sk gained is of course allowed to share with others. This is to limit people potentially feeling unwanted or ridiculed based on their char's performance.
2- Allowed for personal use only and can be shared in private chat channels with those who wish to see.

F. Tower fields and PvP

1- You may not actively kill any members of the same faction unless presented on the KOS list or in self defense.
2- During times when we have a TL7 base thanks to the hard faction-wide work with clan PVP groups, only those members who are active participants of TRB PVP may maintain towers there. If we have trouble filling up the base, other members might be allowed to place a tower or two. But as a general rule though, priority will always be given to a TRB PVP participant
3- All lower level bases TL1-5 are FFA first come first serve. All will be allowed to plant, simply request in forum if space needs to be cleared.
4- Immediately set pets to /follow when travelling through bases to avoid opening up TRB fields to attack at bad times.
5- Do not join unorganized or unsupported attacks from TRB characters without checking our current status on the forums to see if we are on offensive. (Check Offense Status)
6- You may attack from The Cimmerians at will, but use common sense.
7- Represent TRB/Cimms as much as possible at tower wars as this improves chances of planting/showing strength/recruiting. Consistently participating in PvP with characters outside of TRB/Cimms may result in violation of rule B7.

G. Conflicts with Org/Members

1-Speak to an org officer (SC, General or President) of your choosing about conflicts with other members, or concerns about the org in general. This communication will be handled in a confidential manner. Your concerns will be heard and necessary action taken.
2- Discussing grievances without taking any action to properly resolve an issue amounts to gossip and will not be tolerated.
3- Friendly horseplay is never prohibited but always be aware if things are being taken too far or somebody is getting irritated. It's only fun if everybody's having fun!

H. The Cimmerians

1- Cims is a sister org home for our Notum Wars twink characters, so that we may attack without the danger of opening up TRB tower sites for possible retaliation.
2- Any member may have alts promoted to SC rank for the purpose of doing their own alien raids in this city.
3- The member who lowered the cloak is responsible for raising it within 15 mins of available up time (This also goes for TRB's City)

I. Org Banks

1- All officers now have acess to the TRB items stock, so any with time can help you with donations/requests.
2- Items are available for Unit Members or higher only (sorry applicants, gotta wait )
3- Only ask for something you need and can use immediately. If you can't use/equip it, don't take it.
4- Donate when you can
5- Return when you're done and place back into the exact same bags as these container IDs are used in the officer's prefs, please! If it's for a twink or something that's fine if you keep forever. But for everything you outgrow please return or pass to another TRBer so someone else can use it. Do not sell anything!
6- All items borrowed from Trbtwinker are for immediate twinking use only. Please get all reperking/buffs/whatever done beforehand if possible. Too many items have gone missing from this char, some of which were very expensive or very rare. From now on, items must be used and returned immediately.

J. Exploiting

1- Do not MultiBox in PvP as this is looked down upon generally by the AO community and tarnishes TRB's reputation. MBing in PVM is allowed as long as respect is shown to other players
2- Exploits or abuse of game mechanics will not be tolerated, especially when used maliciously or with intent to grief other individuals or orgs. This includes but is not limited to MBing using follow, equipping impossible items, etc
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