Flashback event

Flashback event in 2010, jumping outside Versailles Tower.

Red parade

From one of our many red parades, this is on OA hill.


Pandemonium raid in 2009, here in front of The Beast.

Peacekeeper Constad

Dust Brigade Quest, here at the informant Sean Powell.

  • Flashback event

  • Red parade

  • Pandemonium

  • Peacekeeper Constad

Members giving back

giving back1st August is getting close. 10 years! That's a number even the most positive members wouldn't dare to think about when forming our org in August 2003. For 10 years we've made new friends, had fun, met challenges together, done great achievements together, faced tough periods together and made a strong relationship to each other and our org. This time we are giving back. To the org who has given us so much. We'll start already next Sunday on 14th July where we will do a traditional big alien raid together. All members are invited and we hope also the inactive members will meet up for this one. Because this is it! You wouldn't miss this. There are also reports of that the daily red will be there to capture the raid, meaning it will be included in our 10th year anniversery video! And who wouldn't be a part of that ?? 

After the aliens have tried to zerg us, we will have several events leading up to 1st August. Stay tuned for more detailed information about this. Oh, and our Legends page is updated. Another member was added today.

Join us

RecruitmentopenIf you are interested in joining us, register at our forums and post an application.