Strombanni : "So many memories"

Primus Camp at nightIt was a dark night, and as I stepped off the ferry from Harry’s and onto the shores of Pleasant Meadows like a similar reporter had done not so long ago, a blast of cold night air hit me, as did the full and sudden realization that I had a long, long journey ahead of me. With that in mind, I climbed into my Yalm, and set out for the east. The onboard computer spoke, voicing the time for me as the thought entered my head. I only hoped I would make it before the double suns of Rubi-Ka broke over the horizon.


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Snakeeyes : "This is where I belong"

Old Athen at night, searching for SnakeeyesIn my Yalmaha, I flew over the busy streets of Old Athen as the starlight cast dim shadows across the city. I had a purpose in mind - I was searching for someone. As I piloted my craft around the buildings, I scanned the rooftops as I passed, looking for a solitary figure who was sure to be standing at the ready on some nearby platform, awaiting my arrival so the interview could begin. I was deliberately avoiding the shops - he had told me the roofs there weren’t fit for standing, and there was rarely trouble over there. “I’ll be waiting for you where I always am,” the Opifex had said. But where was he always? Unseen by all but the keenest eyes - a mysterious figure in the dark and brooding shadows,somewhere he stood - waiting atop some hidden roof. I finally asked around near the grid terminal, and although most who were there had heard of but never seen his post, one claimed they had.

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Rosss : "Courage brethren!"

On the ferry from Harrys to Pleasant Meadows I had some time to look through my notes again. I can't believe how little info we had on this place. Rosss sent me the coordinates to where he wanted to meet me for the interview and all I knew was that it's an ancient abandoned castle, filled with history and secrets. I left the ferry and traveled East towards the location. As I got closer to the location, a thick fog started to creap up on me from all sides.

The fog got so thick that I barely could see my hands in front of me.


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Olyckan : "Move your ass !"

"Let’s go, move it move it!” Olyckan runs at the very front of the raidforce. A huge group of clanners is following right behind him. Bursts of bullets and the sound of steel meeting bone can be heard. Everything from the biggest enforcer to the smallest agent is present. Pets of all kinds are running towards the angry mobs infront of the force. A beam of nano energy goes right past my head and explodes into one of the mobs chest. We’re in Pandemonium, the last frontier of the Shadowlands. This isn’t the usual setting for me to do an interview in, but what the heck, it’s a good day to die.


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Tomifix : "Took your time, didn’t you"

Dead man hanging from the roofI can’t see her anywhere. I’m sure this is where she told me to meet her. A Giant Chirop flies slowly by and looks up at me with empty eyes. All of a sudden its eyes are wide open and it flies away in fear. I turn around slowly, suddenly looking straight into the barrel of a gun. Then I hear a giggle and the gun is lowered. “Where did you come from?” I ask. “Well silly, you’re standing two meters from a f-grid spot, lets go to the bar shall we?” One second she’s there, the next she’s gone leaving only a cloud of dust around me. Five minutes later I arrive at Reets Retreat. I struggle my way up the ramp to the entrance of the bar. Inside I decide to head for the bathroom to freshen up after the long walk. I make a wrong turn and end up in a grotesque cave of some kind with a dead man hanging from the roof. I change my mind and head for the bar instead. Tomifix sits in the couch on the second floor of the discotheque, she taps her watch. “Took your time, didn’t you”, she says, hiding a smile. I order a big jug of Reet beer and sit down in the couch with a sigh. “Well, not everyone can run faster than a Yalm flies” I say. After some minutes discussing the last match for West Athen Chargers we decide to start the interview.


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Ylanha : "No pictures today!"

Doctor Profession

I contacted Ylanha a while ago to arrange a meeting with her, but that was harder than I had expected. She is a very busy girl, but I finally managed to find a room in her schedule. We decided to meet outside the snack bar in Old Athen, and there she was. Right on time. With green blood on her armor and a backpack with new items. She grabbed a wet towel from her backpack and rubbed it over her face. "No pictures today!" she ordered me. She bought herself a chocolate, and asked me to start the interview.


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Plexor : "I've always enjoyed playing solo"

Adventurer sabretooth morph

I am on my way to meet Plexor at a location in Varmint Woods. The sky is green and I am running in the grass among the trees. Suddenly a tree grabs me in my neck and pushes me into the river. Wet and cold I hear a laughter coming from the tree. Then he takes off the tree form and shows himself. Of course it's Plexor. Who else! We sit down in the grass and I ask him my first question. "It's almost a year and a half since you joined The Red Brotherhood. What made you join TRB back then ?" "I've always been a solo player and apart from a very brief spell in an organization, I was soloing my way happily through both rubi-ka and the shadowlands. I was killing Unredeemed in Scheol when I met two guys, Oppopji and Reshertr, at the temple. After a bit of a chat they invited me to join TRB. They seemed like good people so I accepted, and i've been here ever since".


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Synelle : "It was filled with life and energy"

Synelle with div9

Today I have an appointment with Synelle. She told me to meet her in TIR, so I walk through the whompas in Old Athen. The beautiful, but oh so lethal soldier is standing next to the river in TIR, feeding some hungry birds. She dont seek problems and her highest wish is for peace on Rubi-ka. But make no mistake, if you come looking for trouble you'll get more than you can handle. She looks up as I get close, no chance of sneaking up on her I guess. She recognizes me right away, puts on a smile and says "Hi Snake". I've known this soldier for quite some time now, she was the one that recruited me to TRB and was president at the time, a long time ago… and alot of things has happened since then.


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Reshertr : "Hahaha, scared ya did I?"

Outside The Red Brotherhoods headquarter in Avalon, the sun is shining. Some vulturers are flying above my head screaming, they seem pretty aggressive but I'm keeping a safe distance. All around me there are high massive buildings and looking at them makes me proud of being a member of TRB, the guild of friends. Not far away from the HQ, I find the City Controll Tower. Some marks here and there after massive alien attacks, but it has been defended well! All of a sudden the door gets kicked open and a burst of bullets flies through the air followed by a dark but friendly laughter. The vulturers are now all on the ground, not screaming anymore. A tall and muscular being stands in the doorway. A trox with authority. With a grin on his face and a huge weapon in his hands. "Hahaha, scared ya did I?" said the voice. I rekognized him immidietly as Reshertr, former president of TRB.


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