althoraxSynelle and Althorax met in the org Ronin which later was disbanded by the President Rukkk. At 1st August 2003 Synelle then joined an org called Axis, and at the same time Althorax formed The Red Brotherhood. He made the org as a present to Synelle, and the plan all along was to make Synelle the President of The Red Brotherhood. They both shared the fascination of the hyborian world made by Robert E. Howard, so Althorax just had to find a name from that world. As we all know, he ended up with The Red Brotherhood. It took a month for Althorax to convince Synelle to join TRB, and another 4-5 months to convince her to take the leadership. At around Februrary 2004 she was promoted to the President of The Red Brotherhood, and Althorax' plan was finally fulfilled. Althorax is therefore our first member to be added to our Legends wall, and without him there simply wouldn't be a The Red Brotherhood.

Thank you for making Synelle this present and for being patience enough to wait for her to make a decision. At that time you probably didn't know how much joy this would give us all, but Anarchy Online wouldn't be the same without TRB. Thank you again!


b_350_0_16777215_00_http___polbear.no_red_ss_flowerpower.jpgShe might as well have gotten the title "the true mother of The Red Brotherhood", and still after all these years she's the person most of us look up to. Before her, TRB was just a tiny group of friends fooling around and the orgs future didn't look bright. With her, everything changed. She made the first set of rules for us which are still valid today, and the first and most important one is called "need before greed". She kept reminding us about this most important rule of them all, and it formed the org and made a friendship which now have lasted for a decade. We still find ourself talking about the TRB spirit which really is the essence of what Synelle thought us. Originally her main was a soldier, but she quickly rolled a doc when she noticed the lack of them in our org. By always putting the org first and being unselfish she showed all of us what she expected of us, which she reminded us of in this interview : "Give what you can. No one will expect more, and no one should expect less." She held our first
official org meeting, she arranged our first org raids and she made her own org quests for all members to join. It was also her who started the popular TRB auctions where she gave all members 50 free points which they could use to bid on items she either have collected herself or other members have donated. The whole point was to strengthen the org and its members.

For most of us who never got to experience Synelle as we joined after she left, she seems too good to be true. But luckely we have old forum threads, historical text/pictures and veteran members who all can confirm that she is the real thing.

There are no words to describe how lucky we've been having her with us, the way she formed The Red Brotherhood and made it into an org is simply just impressive. We are so greatful for all the work she must have done, and that she brought us together. We salute you Synelle and welcome as a Legend!


reshutenfotSynelle left without a word, and we didn't know until some years later that she's been through a personal tragedy. Without her, TRB went into its darkest period since the org was formed and were actually on the edge of breaking down. Quite a few members left the org in this period, only a few core members kept it alive. 

One of them was Reshertr. He took responsibility when it was needed the most, and contacted Funcom. They managed to give him leadership and from 2nd September 2004 he was our new President. It must have been hard for him with members leaving and everyone were confused about what was going on, but after some months and hard work TRB grew dramatically. He did his very best to continue where Synelle had left, and promoted the right persons to officers.

Suddenly TRBs heart started beating harder again, and we went into one of our most active periods in our orgs history. In his period as President we made our first city which was located in Athen Shire (later rebuilt in Avalon) and we did raids we never thought was possible. In 2005 the daily red did an interview with him right after he resigned as President. You can read the whole interview here

Reshertr will always be known for never giving up and for being our saviour in a dark time. For this you deserve to be added to our wall of Legends, thank you Reshertr!


PlexorOur very own damagejunkie. That's a good place to start when it comes to Plexor. The adventurer, originally from the little island called Guernsey in the Channel Islands between England and France, with axes as weapons and perked into shotgun mastery hunting for the extra damage output. After spending most of his time on rubi-ka/SL alone, he joined us right after Synelle had to leave TRB and rubi-ka behind. Even when TRB was unable to do raids in this period, he resisted the temptation to join a bigger and more active org. By his actions he showed both our new and existing members what we expected of our members, and from that day he was a part of the small and important core who would change TRB forever. Both Plexor and Oppopji were a big part of turning TRB from an alt org to a main org, meaning we no longer accepted being a farm org for the bigger orgs. We had our own ambitions and goals, and at the end of the year 2004 The Red Brotherhood went into a new era.

The daily red did an interview with him back in 2005, you can read it here.

For never giving up The Red Brotherhood in a tough period, for being a big part of building us up into a self-sufficient force and for being our first member to hit 220 you will always be a part of TRB no matter where you go. Plexor, thank you and welcome to the Legends.


Strombanni was invited by Reshertr back in 2004, and he quickly climbed the ranks after showing an extraordinary will to invest time in the org and to help others. At the end of 2004 he was already promoted to General and became a part of the leadership. He was a major part in one of the most active periods for TRB, and as a raid leader he always pushed the limits of what we could do as an org. He made a mandatory raid day which brought everyone together no matter what level they were, and he started up something called duty assignments which boosted the activity in the org a lot while at the same time letting more members participate in where the org was heading. His competition with Plexor to become the first TRB member to hit 220, which Plexor won, made a huge statement that the days of TRB being a farmorg was finally over.

In 2005 Reshertr resigned and Strombanni was promoted to President of The Red Brotherhood. Since then, Strombanni has been President in TRB for four periods and vice-precident for two periods. Following the traditions was his own most important task while being President, he wanted to stay true to what Synelle based the org on.

The daily red was started by Nistomax in 2005, but after publishing raid reports and articles for around 2 months he had to leave rubi-ka. Snakeeyes took the job as editor, and one of the big contributers to the daily red is Strombanni. Together they've done many of the interviews, articles and reports, but Strombanni is probably most known for his anarchy online videos. They even made it to the official anarchy online fansites page, you can find all of his videos here.

He was interviewed by the daily red in 2011, you can read the interview here.

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