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Subject : Problem found
Posted on Wednesday 7.1.2004 by Synelle

The problem with our website has been found. The news script suddenly crashed, and wouldn't talk to the server anymore. So we'll have to do without it for a while.

Subject : The awakening of the sleeping bear
Posted on Monday 5.1.2004 by Synelle

We've got some more gifted persons in our guild, and the activity has increased strongly. We've also reqruitted some new members, and welcome Zero38 as our newest member! He was just promoted yesterday. Also congrats to Oppopji for making the step up to a member just before this new year.

We've started some guild hunting again thanks to some great work by Reshertr, who by the way was promoted to Unit Commander before christmas. Congratulations to you too.

You haven't seen the best of us yet!

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