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.: Interviews :.

- Move your ass!

Interview with Olyckan
Date : 24.10.2007

Let’s go, move it move it!” Olyckan runs at the very front of the raidforce...

- Took your time, didn’t you

Interview with Tomifix
Date : 08.10.2007

Interview is currently unavailable due to a website crash. We are working on it!

- No pictures today!

Interview with Ylanha
Date : 17.06.2006

I contacted Ylanha a while ago to arrange a meeting with her, but that was harder than I had expected...

- I've always enjoyed playing sol

Interview with Plexor
Date : 30.10.2005

I am on my way to meet Plexor at a location in Varmint Woods. The sky is green and I am running in the grass among the trees...

- It was filled with life and energy

Interview with Synelle
Date : 04.10.2005

Today I have an appointment with Synelle. She told me to meet her in TIR, so I walk through the whompas in Old Athen...

- Hahaha, scared ya did I ?

Interview with Reshertr
Date : 14.09.2005

Outside The Red Brotherhoods headquarter in Avalon, the sun is shining...


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