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.: TRB files and videos :.
// TRB Videos

The Red Brotherhood Presentation Video 70 MB
This is our guild presentation video which was released 24th February 2008. The video clips were captured over a 2 months period, and by this you will gain an insight into how it is to be a member of TRB. We hope you will enjoy it! You will need the DivX codec to watch this movie or simply use the VLC media player.

Video is directed by Strombanni. (Format .zip) Codec - DivX
The Red Parade
The Red Brotherhood Inferno key raid 23 MB
We captured one of our inferno key raids and this is the result!

Captured by Rosss and Directed by Strombanni. (Format .zip)
The Red Parade
The Red Parade from WA to OA 53 MB
The Red Brotherhood did a parade together with The Red Tigers, and here you can download the video of the whole parade.

Video is made by Strombanni. (Format .zip)
The Red Parade
TRB Lowbie PvP Event 78 MB
This is a video summery from the lowbie PvP Event we had in January 2007. The rules were : "The toon have to be level 5, and all the equip have to be from noob island".

Video is made by Strombanni. (Format .zip)
Lowbie PvP Event
ToTW Tour 196 MB
Enjoy a typical day in the life of Eeegah!

Video is made by Rosss. (Format .zip)
Totw Tour
TRB Testing a new weapon 5.5 MB
Just a test working on our promotion video.

Video is made by Strombanni. (Format .wmv)

Right click if you want to save the movie.
Big Barabom
// Files    
Nano Nanny Site link
Allows you build and maintain a list of implants and clusters with ALL the data you need to do it quickly and easily.
Map : Atlas of Legacy Of The Xan Site link
A map for the Legacy Of The Xan expansion.
AoLX v0.3
Atlas of Rubi-Ka Site link
This map includes pretty much everything you will ever need to find on rubi-ka like locations, quests, mobs, player cities, tower fields etc... If you don't have it, get it!
Atlas of Shadowlands Site link
Atlas of Shadowlands is the most up to date game map for Shadowlands expansion in Anarchy Online. It is based on the original Shadowlandsmap and some information and ideas from Spheremap.

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