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.: About The Red Brotherhood :.

.:: About Us ::.

The Red Brotherhood is an Anarchy Online clan guild, and our president is Strombanni. We are located on Atlantean also called Rubi-Ka 1. You can find all our members by following the "Members" link to the left or at the top of this page.

The Red Brotherhood was started by Althorax in June 2003 after the guild Ronin was disbanded. Only the closest friends from Ronin joined up in The Red Brotherhood, and as you understand this guild is still based on friendship.

It's easy to get to know all the members of this guild, and we always work hard to help each other out with leveling, quests, missions, items etc. The friendship and the social part is very important for us, and we do everything we can to fight greed. As Synelle said it (a former President of TRB) : "And last, fight greed. Greed will eat us up from inside. Laugh at greed and spit it in the face. Give what you can. No one will expect more, and no one should expect less."

In this way and by being very active with guild events, we try to be a different guild and a place you can call home.

Our name

The name of our guild is taken from The Hyborian World (ca. 10.000 B.C) which is the world Conan lived in created by Robert E. Howard.O


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Barachan Isles - Baracha, also known as the Pirate Isles, is a small archipelago off the southwestern coast of Zingara. Here you can find The Red Brotherhood. The capital of the Barachan Isles, and the only settlement, is Tortage. Harbored among the rocky cliffs, Tortage is a pirate port whose crooked, cobbled alleys are lined with alehouses, brothels, and inns.

Conan of The Red Brotherhood

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