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.: The rules of The Red Brotherhood :.

.:: Our Rules ::.

1. Need before greed

This is our most important rule and what our whole guild is built on. Give what you can. No one will expect more, and no one should expect less. This rule flows inside our whole org, and also when we are raiding and distributing the loot : TRB do not have a raidpoint system, we simply follow the rule 'Need Before Greed'. This means we raffle the item between all members who can use, equip and genuinely need the item.

2. No credits between guild members!

Simply give what you can, like free buffs, armor, weapons, implants, services etc. The only exception is if there's a rare and expensive item involved, because then a credit transfer will be more reasonable.

3. Treat other players with respect

Foul language or other aggressive behaviour to both members or other players will not be accepted. Use of exploits will not be accepted. Use your common sense, and remember you represent The Red Brotherhood every time you interact with other players.

Spamming on guild channel for buffs or items will not be accepted. If you ask once, and no one answers, then accept that for the time being. There isn't always someone there to assist you, so try at bit later or start a thread in our forum. You'll see you get far with being polite.

4. Reading our forum frequently is important

We expect you to participate in the member web forum. Not only is it a good place to get to know a bit more about our members, but all of the important information will be posted there. The forum is also the main place to ask questions, or request something you want. If you can't get on that much and find it time-consuming to read the forum, then the rule is simply to read the forum as often as you can. It's not only for the best of your guild, but also for your own sake.

And finally, this is not a rule but it's just an advice and just to add that we don't expect you to dedicate your whole life to us : If you ever have to choose between in-game and RL, choose RL. Remember it's still only a game!

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