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Important events in our history
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29th October 2008 - Tomifix our new President
Tomifix New President Strombanni has been our President for more than one year now, and decided to step down after his third period as President. His own words : "Thank you for all the support and I must say it's really great to be the President of the best guild there is. Congratulations and thank you Tomifix! This will be her second period as a President, and with the great job she did the first time we all know that our guild is in the best hands. With our help and support I know that Tomifix will take us to new heights. We have a great future, members of The Red Brotherhood ".
24th February 2008 - Our presentation video released
TRB logo Today we released our 2 month video project with the title "The Red Brotherhood Presentation Video". By watching it you will gain an insight into how it is to be a member of TRB. This video is available for download in our videos/files section.
17th January 2008 - Olyckan highest honorary rank
Strombanni On this day there was an announcement on rubi-ka where one of our members wrote history : ICC planet-wide announcement: Olyckan has been awarded the highest honorary rank for outstanding dedication to the defence of Rubi-Ka. Olyckan is our first member who has reached 220/30/70 which means he has maxed out all levels possible and research! As said in an announcement from TRB : We all know how much work you have put in this Olyckan, and this will inspire and encourage all of our members. We salute you, Olyckan!
24th September 2007 - New President is Strombanni
Strombanni Tomifix is exhausted after leading TRB for eight great months and is stepping down from the main chair today. She's been doing an excellent job which she surely can be proud of. We had three candidates for the President job, and after a vote TRB has decided that Strombanni is the new President and the first President that has been elected for a second period.
31st August 2007 - Cooperation with Rising Sun
TRB logo Together with The Red Tigers we have decided to start a cooperation with the clan organisation Rising Sun. The main reason for this is to have more opportunities to raid, and Rising Sun have similiar values to us which should make this cooperation very easy and useful.
26th March 2007 - Protect the Rookie Alien Hunter
This day we went to the alien playfield with our allies, The Red Tigers. For the first time we protected Rookie Alien Hunter alone. We followed him through canyons loaded with aliens and there were several ambushes along the way. Then we heard a huge dark rumble and we faced Embalmer Cha'Khaz himself.
19th February 2007 - TRB left the big alliance

After a vote, we decided to leave the big alliance called Alliance of Seven. At this date we've been in the alliance for more than one year, and we left it to build a closer alliance with our friends in The Red Tigers.

14th January 2007 - Tomifix our new President
Bwlvych decided to step down after two months as our President due to real life and time issues. Therefore during our officer meeting we asked if Tomifix was willing to step up and we are happy to announce that she accepted! She started her speech with these words : "First of all, thank you for all the support I've recived over the last hours since I've recived the leadership. It really means alot to me. Right now I'm a bit scared and very exited to start my new job."
26th November 2006 - Bwlvych our new President
Today Strombanni gave the leadership to Bwlvych after he won the election by getting 34.4% of the votes.

Strombanni made this comment to TRB news:"I have been President of TRB for more than one year now, and I have to change focus and refill my batteries. I am sure Bwlvych will do an outstanding job and that TRB will enter a new exciting era. Thank you all for the support and trust you have given me."
25th November 2006 - Completed Pande test raid
Together with Red Tigers we did our first guild raid in Pande today. It was a test raid and even if no zods were up it proved that we are capable to do a raid like this.
4th January 2006 - Defeated Uruqhart the absorber
We had an MP who needed a new pet, and we knew some good armor dropped there as well. Therefore we gathered our forces and managed to get a hold on the keys needed for Biodome. The location was Research Dome nr 2 in Belial Forest, not far from Wine. Urqhart The Absorber was a big challenge indeed, but this day he just couldn't stop us.
26th November 2005 - Alliance of Seven formed
Together with six other medium sized clan guilds we formed an alliance today with the same purpose as our earlier alliance, Atlantean Shield. We can easily communicate with each other to share knowledge, to gather up or to request any kind of support.
30th October 2005 - TRB joins CoT
Today The Red Brotherhood are officially accepted into the Council Of Truth and Nichanidame is attending to the first meeting. We decided to support Terra Firma and we belive that the Council is a good example of the effectiveness of democracy and the power of the people.
7th September 2005 - Strombann our new president
Reshertr resigned as the president of The Red Brotherhood after about one year in the chair. Strombanni is the new president from this date, and he closed his speach with these words : "Every year that passed we have grown stronger, thanks to the former presidents Reshertr, Synelle and Althorax. We still have much work to do and many challenges to overcome. Close friends are forced to leave us of different reasons, while other have to take long breaks. But we are ready to face them all. Let the challenges come, and we shall overcome them. It will make us stronger. It will make us proud. I am your brother."
May 2005 - TRB left Atlantean Shield
After a vote, we decided to leave the alliance Atlantean Shield. At this date we've been in the alliance for more than one year, but we realised we didn't get much out of it anymore. Therefore we informed our alliance member and removed the *AS* tag from our org name.
6th April 2005 - Hollow Island
We landed on the Beach on Hollow Island with scorpoid droppings in our bags, ready to fight some weed. Waves of eremites tried to push us into the water to drown us, but we pushed back. And we won flycatcher specs and token boards.
23rd March 2005 - Mercenaries in Eastern Fouls Plains
Some of us had been doing mercs earlier with older guilds or on raid bots. But this time we wanted to do it all alone. And it was a success. Very nice loot and a great atmosphere as the current president, Reshertr, said it.
13th February 2005 - Plexor has reached enlightenment
Plexor wrote history by being our first member making it to the golden level, 220. A huge step both for him and for us.

As said in the announcement : "We're very proud of you and we deeply respect you from all the work you've been doing
23rd January 2005 - Remains of Fleet Admiral
Today we wrote history again as we managed to kill the Fleet Admiral on the alien ship for the first time. We usually had problems with outdamaging his heals, but today one team of brothers just never gave up! Team was : Plexor, Snakeeyes, Onaelmel, Wrumfx, Hellslayaah and Strombanni! Loot wasn't bad either, we got 1 lead viralbots from the raid, one ql 300 NCU and one ql 300 weapon upgrade among all the other stuff.
11th January 2005 - First inferno garden key
After spending many days in inferno collecting parts for the inferno garden key quest, we headed for the 255 inc in inferno. Everything went well until the last PB. One team member went link dead and the last part of the quest failed. No help was given by the ARK, so we had to farm the last PB again. This is the team (pic to the left) who never gave up : Hellslayaah, Plexor, Checker, Surfhunk, Snakeeyes and Strombanni. Proud owners of the first inferno key in The Red Brotherhood.
19th December 2004 - New city in Avalon
Today we built our new city located in Avalon. A pretty huge spot with all the buildings we need. We celebrated the new city by having a party and took a swim in the new swimming pool.
18th December 2004 - City in Athen Shire demolished
We demolished our city in Athen Shire, which has been our home since AI came out. We have now decided to move, and to demolish our old city is the first part of the plan. We will have to wait 24hours before we can build our new city, since that's the current law on rubi-ka. Our new city will be located in Avalon. The reason for moving is to get a larger city.
2nd September 2004 - Reshertr our new President
Synelle suddenly disappeared without a trace, and TRB was going into a dark and difficult period. Reshertr stepped forward and became the new President of TRB.

It was hard with members leaving and everyone was confused about what was going on, but after some months and hard work TRB grew dramatically and Reshertr will be known for never giving up and for being a saviour for our guild.
April 2004 - Atlantean Shield formed
Together with the guild House Maadiah we formed an alliance called Atlantean Shield. After a few meetings we agreed on the rules and the purpose was to support each other in raids, tower wars, free buffs etc. Here's the draft.
8th February 2004 - Synelle our new President
Althorax stepped down and Synelle is from today the President of The Red Brotherhood, and the first female one.

She started a lot of good things which later became a tradition, like free auctions, quests, regular meetings etc. She also made the first set of rules for TRB and was focusing on fighting greed. She is part of the reason why TRB started to grow a lot this year, and she is remembered as a legend.
August 2003 - Our first tower spot
We attacked an omni-tek tower spot in SWB and managed to destroy it. We planted our first Control Tower, and started to farm notum.

After that we've been winning and losing tower spots all over rubi-ka.
June 2003 - The Red Brotherhood is formed
This month the most important event in our history happened. Althorax formed this guild after the guild Ronin was disbanded by Rukkk who left to SWG. Only the closest friends from Ronin joined up in The Red Brotherhood, and as you understand this guild is still based on friendship.

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